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We're making a *Hyun-ae plushie!

We're making a *Hyun-ae plushie!

In the year 4989, *Hyun-ae finally escaped from the wreck of the Mugunghwa in the care of her dear space investigator. Now she's ready to make the jump from the starship computer desktop to your own actual IRL desktop, thanks to her brand new cyborg body with super-advanced huggable "plushie" technology to help as your sidekick in whatever new investigations come your way... or to watch carefully over any cakes you end up baking.

I'm really excited about this one! In collaboration with Makeship, we're making a super cute plushie version of *Hyun-ae from Analogue: A Hate Story. My personal rule with merch has always been "I wouldn't ever sell something I wouldn't be excited to have myself," so we worked closely together to make sure she looked perfect. I'm really happy with how she's turned out!

The way Makeship works is that they take crowdfunded preorders and only make that many, and they'll need to get 200 orders to make it happen. It'll cost $29.99 and orders will be open until September 23.

(If this one does well... maybe we'll see if we can recover any other AIs from the Mugunghwa too. And by the way, thank you so much for your continued support—we made Analogue: A Hate Story over 11 years ago, but I wouldn't be where I am today without it, so it's very dear to me, and I'm deeply grateful for everyone who's played it over the years! It truly means the world to me.)