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GITCL DLC2: The Fate of Another World is now available!

Hey, first off—thanks so much for signing up for this list! With all the stuff that's been happening with Twitter lately, it's been really scary knowing that the place I started my career by posting on is now a sinking ship. So I'm glad I can reach you directly, it's the only thing that makes me feel like maybe things'll be okay as an artist in our current social media collapse hell after all. I genuinely can't express enough how much everyone's support means to me, now more than ever. ANYWAY, I've got a new game out, and imo it's some of my best work yet! Let me tell you more about it:


MEET YOUR FAVOURITE HERO'S FAVOURITE HERO: Emily Harmless used to be an activist, a librarian, and a scholar... but she had to put that all aside when she was chosen by fate itself as the warrior who must seal away the Machine Devil. Is there any hope for her to find peace in the burning ruins of her world after carrying out the heavens’ mission?

We've just released our second DLC chapter that picks up the story of Get in the Car, Loser! from right after the final boss fight. Clocking in at 4-6 hours long, it features even more content than one of our normal chapters, two new party members with Emily's unique full-power Sword of Fate super meter, five new enemy types, two new bosses, an all new progression system, a new soundtrack both in battle and on the road... and shocking divine truths.

Over the past year of updating GITCL and working on this new chapter, we've tried to channel everything we've learned into the new battles and mechanics, and I'm really proud of the result—I personally think this one's got some of our most interesting fights yet, and I've put my whole heart into the writing on this one—I'm very excited to share the story of Emily Harmless, Prince Sam, and Jo of the Mountain with you all. You can learn more about The Fate of Another World and your new heroes on Steam or itch.io now!