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We're making a *Mute plushie, too!

We're making a *Mute plushie, too!

Don’t call her gossipy or judgmental—Mute’s just diligent in her job as a security AI who needs to keep on top of everything. Over the centuries, she’s been through many different incarnations, as the namesake of Mute Security Systems fulfills her job title of Keeping the Mugunghwa Safe Since 2390, but this version of her is the cutest yet as she performs an all new mission: keeping watch over your own desk. Is it also the softest and most huggable version of her yet? Well… you’ll never find out, okay? She’d never want that! She’s never secretly longed for that even a little bit! Don't even think about it! ...well, maybe it would be okay if you gave her just a little bit of a squeeze.

I've been looking forward to announcing this for so long, we actually designed her around the same time as the *Hyun-ae plushie, but of COURSE I needed to have her be accompanied by everyone's favourite little hater from Analogue: A Hate Story. She was also made in collaboration with Makeship and it took a lot of work to make sure we translated her complex design faithfully, including her headdress, but my rule has always been that I don't want to ever see merch that I wouldn't want to own myself—so I'm really happy we were able to get it right.

The way Makeship works is that they take crowdfunded preorders and only make that many, and they'll need to get 200 orders to make it happen. It'll cost $29.99 and orders will be open until February 25.

(Thanks again for all your support... we just passed the 12th anniversary of the game's release a couple weeks ago, and I'm deeply grateful that the story of the characters Raide and I made together twelve years ago has touched so many people. Even if *Mute would scoff at me for being so sentimental. —Christine)